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Startups founded by women in Chile (beta)

Contxto - Chile’s startup ecosystem is an overachiever, so it should be unsurprising that the country’s female founders are equally impressive. However,...

Agtech in Argentina (beta)

Contxto - Argentina is an agricultural powerhouse. To such an extent that its production of grains, wines, and beef figures in the...

Fintech in Ecuador (beta)

Contxto – Money goes the world go round, but often inefficient and expensive financial services trip up that movement. This is why...


Contxto - The construction industry in the United States is in for some serious disruption. Arqlite, a startup founded by Argentine entrepreneurs, created a special gravel that’s lightweight, a great insulator, and made from recycled plastic.  What’s even better news is...

Why the world needs more logistics startups like Traz Favela

Contxto - There are plenty of logistics startups buzzing to-and-fro in the big cities of Latin America. However, the outskirts of metropolises...

Are Covid-19 measures freedom killers? DataCiencia’s crowd surveillance AI tests the limits

Contxto - Chile’s DataCiencia is introducing visual AI surveillance software to tackle the problems of the day: the Covid-19 contingency.

Scoop: LAIKA raises US$5 million to scale e-commerce platform for pets

Contxto - Colombian startup LAIKA is like a dog with two tails right now. Its platform for pet products and services has...

7 foolproof steps to launch your startup

Today’s Soapbox opinion was written by Héctor Shibata Salazar is the Director of Investments & Portfolio at AC Ventures Fund.

One7 acquires fintech Rapidoo to expand financing to SMEs in all of Brazil

Contxto - One7—a company that offers financial solutions to businesses in Brazil—wants to do more in terms of credit for cash flow....

Movile announces undisclosed investment in Mensajeros Urbanos

Contxto - Latin America has been quickly embracing e-commerce, courtesy of Covid-19. Though as exciting as it sounds, it’s putting logistics startups...

Govtech Colab raises US$558,000 with Media Development Investment Fund and Luminate

Contxto - Brazilian govtech Colab closed an investment for over R$3 million (~US$558,000) and made the announcement this week through Pequenas Empresas...

Rappi’s latest venture is a gamble

Contxto - On Monday (6) the Colombian unicorn announced it partnered with major bookies in Colombia like BetPlay, Rivalo, and MegaApuesta.

Cryptocurrency startup Bitso officially has over 1 million users

Contxto - Mexican Bitso has been in a celebratory mood as of late. But, who wouldn’t be once you hit a big...


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