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Hello! We are Contxto – Latin America’s prime website for tech, startups and venture capital news. In other words, we are a digital media covering the latest, most relevant tech and entrepreneurship stories from Mexico all the way to Argentina.

Our mission is to boost the region’s entrepreneurial activity by creating a platform that fosters and provides transparent as well as accurate information about all the participants in the ecosystem. We want you – whether you’re a founder, investor or simply a tech enthusiast – to drink your morning coffee scrolling down our well-updated, stylish news platform.


You know how it is. Latin Americans are usually known for being fun, happy and energetic people. In the eyes of the world, we are party-goers, naturally-skilled dancers and talented cooks with amazing local cuisines.

Nonetheless, and regardless of stereotypes, we’re also innovators, ingenious entrepreneurs and motivated individuals aiming to improve our countries and beyond. Unfortunately, though, the media doesn’t always portray our best side. We’re here to change that.

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